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Computer Facilities

Computer facilities for nursing students are housed on the lower level of Paul Loser Hall (Room 6). Nursing computer software that is required or recommended by the faculty is also available in Loser Hall, Room 6. Laboratory hours are posted on the door.

Nursing Clinical Learning Laboratory

The Nursing Clinical Learning Laboratory is located on the lower level of Loser Hall (Room 9) and it is one of two nursing learning laboratories.  It is staffed by the Clinical Learning Laboratory Coordinator, who is a Master’s prepared professional nurse.  The laboratory is heavily used for not only classes, but clinical simulations using the high fidelity simulators and for practice times using the task trainers and medium fidelity simulators.  Hours of operation very based on classes and student needs.  A current schedule is posted in the basement and online for the students and faculty.  the other laboratory (Loser 019) is not only a classroom but is set up to simulate a clinical examination area.

Any student may upon the recommendation of a faculty member or on self-initiative, schedule an appointment with the Lab Coordinator for specific learning experiences.  The College Clinical Learning Laboratory is designed to supplement student learning through simulation of clinical experience.

Objectives of Nursing Clinical Learning Laboratory:

  • To provide planned clinical nursing learning experience for students as developed by faculty.
  • To facilitate the implementation of nursing curriculum simulation needs.
  • To promote and facilitate independent use of the Laboratory by students at all levels of the curriculum with faculty mentored support.
  • To provide and maintain clinical nursing resources for students and faculty.
  • To collaborate with, and provide clinical nursing learning resources for the community.

Student “Mailboxes”

All Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior (Basic and RN) nursing students have individual hanging folders which serve as mailboxes located across from room 004 on the lower level of Loser Hall. It is hoped that individual student “mailboxes” will facilitate communication among students and between students and faculty. Please use