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External Transfers Procedures

To delineate these standards, course work for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing is divided into three categories.

  1. Foundation Courses – set the standards for students currently at TCNJ who wish to transfer into the program.

These courses are foundations for study in the major and predictive of success in the program.

Please note:  Students who are admitted directly into the nursing major are required to achieve the same standards.

Criteria for transfer into the Nursing Major:

  1. Overall GPA of 3.0 at time of request for transfer into Nursing.
  2. Science GPA of 3.0 (must have taken at least one science course at TCNJ)
  3. Must complete one of the foundation courses and achieve a minimum grade of B

Internal transfer students are admitted into the Nursing major once a year following the end of the Spring semester for entry the following Fall semester.  Internal transfer students will follow the Academic Policies and Program Requirements of the Department of Nursing effective for the Fall of their entry into the major.

  1. Critical Content Courses – set the standard for students’ retention in the program. These courses represent the essential nature of the discipline or are ones upon which advanced courses are based.
  2. Other BSN Specific Courses – include remaining supportive and nursing courses required for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing.


Foundation Courses

 Required grade in parentheses

Critical Content Courses

     Required grade in parentheses

Other Degree Specific Courses

 Required grade in  parentheses




PSY 101 – Psychology I  (B)



NUR 110 – Development of

Unitary Man and Environment

Across the Life Span   (B)







NUR 200 – Pharmacological

Interventions  (C)


NUR 210 – Professional Role

Development I  (C)


NUR 240 – Holistic Health

Interventions Across the

Life Span  (B)



BIO 141,  BIO 142,  NUR 230

(C+ required for the above)


(C- is required minimum grade in the following courses)

BIO 144

CHE 111

STA 115

NUR 202,  220,  310,  320,  324

328,  330,  334,  340,  344

420,  424,  440,  444, 460



  2. The non-nursing courses identified in the previous table (i.e., BIO 141, 142,  144,  CHE 111,  PSY 101,  STA 115) are considered supportive to the nursing major.
  3. Once students are matriculated into the nursing major, three of the four support science courses (BIO 141, 142, CHE 111) must be taken at TCNJ. Only Microbiology (BIO 144) may be taken at another institution with prior approval from the Department of Nursing and completion of the Course Approval Form. Microbiology courses that are taught entirely on-line are not considered equivalent and will not be accepted for transfer credit by the Department of Nursing.  Courses that combine on-line coursework with supervised on-site lab instruction are permissible with prior approval.
  4. If a student wishes to take permitted support courses at an institution other than THE COLLEGE OF NEW JERSEY, written permission must be obtained from the Chairperson of the Department of Nursing. It is the student’s responsibility to have an official transcript of the completed course grade sent to the Office of Records and Registration in order to receive transfer credit. Transfer credit must be received prior to the start of the semester in which the nursing course, for which it is a pre-requisite, is to be taken.
  5. Support courses are pre-requisite or co-requisite to specific nursing courses. Students may not enroll in a specific nursing course for which there is a prerequisite unless they have achieved the required minimum grade in the prerequisite course. Students will be required to withdraw from the nursing sequence if the required grade is not achieved.  (See item V of this document for Procedure to follow.)
  6. Students enrolled in a co-requisite support course along with identified nursing courses may NOT drop the co-requisite course without specific permission to do so from the Chairperson, Department of Nursing. This permission will be documented on the student’s advisement sheet. Students who drop a co-requisite support course without permission will be required to withdraw from the nursing course or will incur an unsatisfactory grade in the nursing course.
  7. Upon the first instance of a grade less than the established minimum in any of the physical sciences (CHE 111, BIO 141, 142, 144), the student will be placed on Department of Nursing probation.  Probationary status will not be removed until all remaining science courses are satisfactorily completed.
  1. Upon the second instance of a grade below the established minimum in any of the physical sciences (CHE 111, BIO 141, 142, 144), the student will be dismissed from the Nursing Major. Matriculation status will be changed to “Open Option –Undesignated Transitional” and the student will be assigned an interim advisor in the Center for Student Success.