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Hooven Publications/Presentations

Poster Presentation at Villanova University on “Preprocedure Warming” in April 2009
Hooven, K. (2011) Preprocedure Warming Maintains Normothermia throughout the Perioperative Period: A Quality Improvement
Project. Journal of Perianesthesia Nursing.26; 9-14.
Ledger, P. & Hooven, K. Settle up before surgery. Outpatient Surgery Magazine. December 2013.
Poster Presentation at AORN National Conference on “Preprocedure Warming” in Philadelphia, Pa. March 2011
Poster Presentation at ASPAN National Conference on “Preprocedure Warming” in Seattle, Wa. April 2011
Presenter at the Trauma Nurse Course at St Mary Medical Center on Perioperative Trauma 2010-2013
Expert Content Reviewer for the Journal of Clinical Nursing

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