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Nursing Undergraduate Student Handbook

About This Handbook

The Department of Nursing Bachelors of Science in Nursing  BSN Student Handbook provides information to policies, procedures, facilities and resources during your undergraduate academic career.  The undergraduate handbook is a reference tool for informational purposes and is subject to change.  The Department of Nursing reserves the right to change any provision or requirement at any time without notice to remain compliant with accreditation standards.  Changes related to curriculum and/or graduation requirements will not be retroactive unless they are in the best interest of the student and can be accommodated within the graduation time frame.

Students are accountable to policies herein and revisions and are required to read this handbook and sign the BSN Student Handbook Acceptance Acknowledgement form.

For digital copy, please refer to the online version found here.

If you have questions regarding the contents of this handbook, please contact your academic advisor or the department chair.


Table of ContentsPage(s)
BSN Student Handbook Acceptance Acknowledgement Form
Message from the Dean
Nursing Course Catalog
Offices and Departments
School of Nursing Overview
Vision, Mission, Values and Goals
Undergraduate Program Overview
BSN Curriculum
Plans of Study
Clinical Practicum Experiences
Admission Criteria and Process
Undergraduate Program Requirements
Registration as a Professional Nurse
Academic Policies and Procedures
Academic Progress
Core Performance Standards
Conduct and Discipline
Student Concerns
Academic Appeals and Grievances
Student Resource Center
Research, Awards and Scholarship
Professional Organization
Other Information