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What is a community?

  • a group of people who live in the same area (such as a city, town or neighborhood).
  • a group of people who have the same interests, religions, race, etc.
  • a group of people who share common social supports.


 What 3 dimensions are included in the definition of community?

  • People (community residents).
  • Place (both geographic and time dimensions).
  • Function (aims and activities of the community) – to meet a wide variety of collective needs.


What is a population?

  • A large group.
  • A collection of people who share one or more personal or environmental characteristics and reside in a community.


What is an aggregate?

  • A group within a population.


What is health?

  •  A holistic, positive resource for everyday living.
  • Includes physical, social, and personal capabilities.


What is traditional health care?

  • Focus is on the individual.


What is population-focused health care?

  • Emphasis on reducing health inequalities for a defined population or aggregate, as opposed to individual-level care.


Downstream Thinking.

  • Microscopic, individual.
  • Considers individual health concerns & treatments.
  • Does not consider sociopolitical, economic, and environmental variables.


Upstream Thinking.

  • Macroscopic “big picture.”
  • Includes primary prevention perspective.
  • Considers determinants of health.


What is public health?

  • Organized activity of society to promote, protect, improve, and when necessary, restore the health of individuals, specified groups, or the entire population.
  • A combination of sciences, skills, and values that function through collective societal activities & involve programs, services, & institutions aimed at protecting & improving the health of all people.


What are the 6 major public health functions?

1. Health Protection
2. Health Promotion
3. Population Health Assessment
4. Public Health Surveillance
5. Injury & Disease Prevention
6. Emergency Preparedness & Response

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