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Re-Admission – Nursing Program

Students seeking readmission to the Nursing major MUST follow exactly the steps outlined in section IX. READMISSION POLICY AND PROCEDURE on page 11 of this document.  Note that readmission to the Nursing major is not automatic and cannot be guaranteed.

  1. The identified support courses are pre-requisite or co-requisite to specific nursing courses as indicated below:

Prerequisite Support Courses                                        Nursing Courses

CHE 111,  BIO 141,  BIO 142NUR 200  Pharmacological Interventions    and

NUR 230  Holistic Health Assessment Across the Life Span

CHE  111,  BIO 141,  BIO 142,  BIO 144

PSY 101 (pre- or co-requisite)

NUR 240  Holistic Interventions Across the Life Span
STA 115 (pre- or co-requisite)NUR 328  Research for Health Related & Social Sciences


  1. The following nursing courses identified on the left are pre- or co-requisites for the nursing courses listed on the right.

Pre-requisite Nursing Course                                                        Nursing Course

NUR 110NUR 210, 220 and 230
NUR 200  (pre- or co-requisite)

NUR 202 (pre- or co-requisite)

NUR 210,  220 and 230  shall be taken only in 

     the fall semester immediately preceding

     anticipated entry  into NUR 240

NUR 240
All 100 and 200  level nursing coursesNUR 310, 320 and 324, 330 and 334, 340, 344
NUR 310, 320  and  324NUR 330  and  334
NUR 310,  320,  324,  330,  334,  340,  344NUR 420  and  424
NUR 328,  420  and  424NUR 440,  444,  and  460


  1. In addition, in courses that are part of a DYAD (e.g. NUR 320 and 324) or for which there is a practice component (e.g. NUR 240 and “mixed courses”); students must earn a minimum grade of a “75” on all examinations. See list below.

                NURSING SCIENCE                       NURSING PRACTICE                       “MIXED COURSES”

NUR 240                                            NUR 230

*NUR 320                            and                         *NUR 324                                            NUR 340

*NUR 330                            and                         *NUR 334                                            NUR 344

*NUR 420                            and                         *NUR 424                                            NUR 460

*NUR 440                            and                         *NUR 444

* DYAD (courses must be taken together)     

C .If a student earns a grade lower than 75 (C-) on an examination in any of the above courses, there will be one opportunity to take a “second examination”.  Students may retake only one (1) “second examination” in any given course that is a “DYAD,” “nursing practice” or “mixed” course, and the highest possible grade for a retake exam is 75, regardless if actual score is higher.

  1. Should a student:
  2. earn less than 75 (C-) on a “second examination” or
  3. have a second instance of a grade below 75 (C-) on any course examination, the highest possible final course grade for that student is a “D+” and the student may not continue with the practice experience or nursing-dyad component in the course; the student may not take any further examinations.  Depending upon the point within the semester, the student may be able to withdraw from the course with a grade of W according to deadlines specified in the official academic calendar on the TCNJ website.
  4. When the nursing course includes a college laboratory and/or a clinical practice experience, the classroom

and the college laboratory and/or clinical practice experiences must be passed.

  1. If a “nursing practice” course or the nursing practice component of a “mixed” course, is not passed with the required minimum grade or better, the student may not take any further nursing courses that are part of a DYAD or have a practice component until the failed practice or mixed course is repeated with the required minimum grade or better.
  1. Once a student is matriculated, all nursing courses (NUR) must be taken at TCNJ.
  2. With the first instance of a grade of less than the minimum required in a nursing course or withdrawal from a nursing course as per Nursing academic policy, the student is placed on Department of Nursing probation. Only one nursing (NUR) course may be repeated. 
  3. If a student fails to achieve minimum required academic performance in either the practice (clinical component) or the science (classroom theory) in a DYAD course, the student is immediately prohibited from further attendance in both courses in the DYAD. If the failure occurs before the college’s deadline for course withdrawal, the student must immediately withdraw from both courses and will receive a “W” grade in both courses.  If the failure occurs after the college’s course withdrawal deadline, the student will receive a grade according to his/her academic performance in the failed course, but will be permitted to retroactively withdraw from the other course with assistance from the Assistant Dean. Regardless, the student must repeat both courses in the DYAD together in the same semester and achieve the required minimum grade in both in order to progress in the major. 
  4. If a student receives unsatisfactory grades in two or more nursing courses at any time, the student will be dismissed from the nursing major. This document serves as notice for this requirement.   Matriculation status will be changed to “Open Option – Undesignated Transitional” and the student will be assigned an interim advisor in the Center for Student Success.  Students seeking readmission to the Nursing major MUST follow exactly the steps outlined in section IX. READMISSION POLICY AND PROCEDURE on pages 11  of this document.  Note that readmission to the Nursing major is not automatic and cannot be guaranteed.