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Clinical Pre-Requisites (Clinical Folder Requirements)

All graduate nursing students must comply with the following Graduate Student Nursing Clinical Folder Requirements prior to starting NURS 633 Holistic Health Assessment and whenever thereafter enrolled in a course with a clinical component.  It is the graduate student’s responsibility to update their clinical folder as contents become outdated or new information is obtained.  Students who fail to comply with clinical folder requirements will not be assigned a clinical site and may be removed from their assigned clinical site at any time if folder requirements are not kept up to date.

Clinical folder requirements include:

NJ RN License Prior to clinical and each time license is renewed
Student Malpractice Insurance Prior to clinical and annually
CPR Certification (BCLS or ACLS) Prior to clinical and each time certification is renewed
Criminal Background check based on finger printing Students with an RN license do not need to repeat the criminal background check unless required by a clinical site
-Panel, Non-DOT urine drug test Prior to clinical and as requested by faculty or required by clinical site
Personal Statement/release form One time only, prior to clinical
Copy of current health insurance card Prior to clinical and annually
Physical Examination signed by a nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant or physician Prior to clinical and annually
TB testing Prior to clinical and annually (PPD); Students with a history of a + chest X–ray must present a report of a negative chest X-ray (done within the past year)

Documentation of immunity to the following:

Tetanus Primary 3-dose series + TD within last 10 years. Documentation of 1 Tdap is required
Hepatitis B 3-dose series or + anti-HBS titer
Influenza Annually by November 30
Varicella Positive titer
Measles (Rubeola) Positive titer
Mumps Positive titer
Rubella Positive titer