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Nursing Uniform Requirements

All nursing students entering Nursing Major are to purchase THE COLLEGE OF NEW JERSEY Nursing uniform from Flynn and O’Hara prior to entering NURS 220 . Announcements will be sent concerning dates for the measurement, fitting and ordering of uniforms. The uniform must be paid for before the order will be acknowledged.



NavyPull-on Pants2
WhiteUnisex Scrub Top2
WhiteClinic Coat1
Emblem/PatchAttach as follows:
Cardigan – top front pocket
Lab coat – top pocket
Scrub top – left sleeve
NametagBlue with white letters/name pin Example:
Shipping, Handling & Insurance

Accessory Items

All students are also required to have the following items which may be purchased at a store of their choice.

  1. Bandage Scissors
  2. Stethoscope
  3. A watch with a second hand
  4. Penlight
  5. Black walking shoes. Brown or white shoes, clogs, or platform heels are unacceptable.
  6. Black or navy socks, or street hose.

TCNJ Nursing Dress Code

Students represent THE COLLEGE OF NEW JERSEY Nursing. You are required to adhere to the following guidelines pertaining to student uniform:

  • All students entering Nursing major are required to wear THE COLLEGE OF NEW JERSEY Student Nurse Uniform in the clinical area unless street clothing is designated by faculty as the appropriate dress. If street clothing is appropriate, faculty will give clear instructions as to the type of clothing to be worn. Students are to be neatly dressed in all circumstances.
  • Jewelry: A wedding band and small earrings, and a watch are acceptable. Hoop or dangling earrings, numerous rings, bracelets, pins (other than a name tag), and necklaces (unless worn under the uniform) are not to be worn.
  • All students must wear a name tag at all times indicating name, title, and THE COLLEGE OF NEW JERSEY.
  • Sweaters with TCNJ logo-emblem are to be worn when traveling between clinical agencies, when visiting community health agencies as a student of THE COLLEGE OF NEW JERSEY, and when making home visits.
  • Hair is to be neat, trimmed, off the shoulder, and out of eyes. No ribbons or fancy clips are to be worn.
  • Fingernails are to be short and well manicured.

School Pin

The official pin of Nursing, THE COLLEGE OF NEW JERSEY, may be purchased during the Spring semester of the Senior year. Approximate cost: (1) gold filled $99 plus tax (2)10 karat gold $219 plus tax. Contact school bookstore or SNA for more information.