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Complete State Listing

State Undergraduate Program Meets Licensure Reqs/Does Not Meet/Information Not Known Graduate Program Meets Licensure Requirements Meets/Does Not Meet/Information Not Known State Board Website and Contact Information
Alabama Information Not Known. Meets

Alaska Meets Meets
Arizona Information Not Known. Meets

Arkansas Meets Meets

California Meets Meets

Colorado Meets Meets

Connecticut Meets Meets

Delaware Meets Meets

District of Columbia Meets Meets

Florida Meets Meets

Georgia Meets Meets

Hawaii Information Unknown. Meets

Idaho Meets Meets

Illinois Not Determined Meets

Indiana Meets Meets

Iowa Meets Meets

Kansas Meets Meets

Kentucky Meets Meets

Louisiana Meets Meets

Maine Meets Meets

Maryland Meets Information Not Known.

Massachusetts Meets Meets

Michigan Not Determined Meets,4601,7-154-89334_63294_72975—,00.html

Minnesota Meets Meets

Mississippi Not Determined Meets

Missouri Meets Information Not Known.

Montana Meets Meets


Nebraska Meets Meets

Nevada Meets Meets

New Hampshire Meets Meets but must have additional contact hours as noted.

New Jersey Meets Meets

New Mexico Meets Meets

New York Meets Meets

North Carolina Information Not Known. Meets

North Dakota Meets Meets

Ohio Meet Meets

Oklahoma Meets Meets

Oregon Meets Meets

Pennsylvania Meets Meets

Rhode Island Meets Meets

South Carolina Meets Meets

South Dakota Meets Meets

Tennessee Information Not Known. Meets

Texas Meets Information Not Known.

Utah Meets Meets

Vermont Meets Meets

Virginia Information Not Known. Information Not Known.

Washington Meets Information Not Known.
West Virginia Meets Meets

Wisconsin Meets Information Not Known.

Wyoming Information Not Known. Information Not Known.


Note:  Information is subject to change


TCNJ's Department of Nursing is not accepting transfers into our four year traditional bachelor’s of science in nursing program at this time. We are accepting applications for the ABSN program.Learn More