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Grading Policies


The numerical range for each letter grade in NUR courses was approved by nursing faculty:

Letter Grade Percent GPA Letter Grade Percent GPA
A 100-95 4.00
A- 94-90 3.67
B+ 89-87 3.33
B 86-83 3.00 C- 75 1.67
B- 82-80 2.67 D+ 74-70 1.33
C+ 79-78 2.33 D 69-65 1.00
C 77-76 2.00 F 64 and below 0.00

The acceptable grades per course are listed in the Curriculum 4-Year Plan.

Grade Appeals Policy

To view the Grade Appeals Policy, visit

Incomplete Grades

To view the Incomplete Grades Policy, visit

Mid-Semester Reports

To view the Mid-Semester Report Policy, visit


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