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Grading Policies


The numerical range for each letter grade in NUR courses was approved by nursing faculty:

Letter Grade Percent GPA Letter Grade Percent GPA
A 100-95 4.00
A- 94-90 3.67
B+ 89-87 3.33
B 86-83 3.00 C- 75 1.67
B- 82-80 2.67 D+ 74-70 1.33
C+ 79-78 2.33 D 69-65 1.00
C 77-76 2.00 F 64 and below 0.00

The acceptable grades per course are listed in the Curriculum 4-Year Plan.

Grade Appeals Policy

To view the Grade Appeals Policy, visit

Incomplete Grades

To view the Incomplete Grades Policy, visit

Mid-Semester Reports

To view the Mid-Semester Report Policy, visit

Unsatisfactory Progress

If a student has not achieved the required grade in any supportive course, or if a student has not achieved the required minimum grade or above in a nursing course, the following process must be initiated by the student.

A. Withdraw from the nursing course if the student has failed to meet prerequisites for that course.
B. Meet with advisor to discuss plan to remedy the course failure.
C. Re-take the required course. (Please remember that only one physical science course and/or one nursing course may be repeated before the student must withdraw from the major).  Note: in accordance with TCNJ policy, courses may be repeated only once.
D. When the required grade is achieved, the student must make an appointment to discuss his or her progress in the major with his or her advisor and/or the Chairperson of the nursing department.
E. Students will be required to satisfactorily pass a skills proficiency test before they are permitted to repeat a 300 or 400 level course that has a clinical component.