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Nursing Education Certificate Program Curriculum

NURS 570 Teaching Strategies with Practicum (3 credits; 50 practicum hours)

This course provides nurses with a variety of teaching strategies and evaluation tools aimed to promote positive and effective learning environments. Emphasis is on developing an understanding of what it means to learn and to teach. Students will explore the meaning of their personal teaching philosophy and how changing paradigms of contemporary teaching practices impact both the teacher and the learner. Selected teaching theories will be examined and applied to both the role of nurse educator and the nurse education practice. Students will apply critical thinking skills to assess the needs of and plan teaching strategies based on educational theory and evidence-based practices related to education. The practicum component is also included in this course.

NURS 571 Curriculum Development and Learning Theory (3 credits)

This course examines curriculum and assessment through theoretical and practical lenses. Emphasis is placed on preparing educators to create and evaluate coherent, aligned, student-centered curricula consistent with effective pedagogy. Students will learn how to develop/utilize curriculum crosswalk(s) assuring essential objectives and learning strategies are in line with current academic and clinical practice recommendations and are based on established and emerging learning theories.

NURS 572 Teaching with Technology for Health Professionals (3 credits)

This course is designed to deepen students’ skills, concepts, and capabilities in information technology within the framework of nursing and health education. Students will learn contemporary techniques for teaching and learning with technology, including best practices in online design and digital resource creation and dissemination. Existing and developing technologies utilized in nursing education and practice settings will be explored.

NURS 573 Assessment/Evaluation Methods with Practicum (5 credits; 150 practicum hours)

This course emphasizes developing a systematic assessment plan, generating learning objectives and outcomes, developing blueprints and examinations, and analyzing statistical test data.  Measurement theory related to norm referenced and criterion referenced evaluation methods will be reviewed. Students will explore measurement tools for evaluation of cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains, and gain experience in computer analysis of measurement tools. Use and interpretation of standardized tests will be explored. The principles and practices of assessment along with current issues and research related to educational measurement will be discussed. The practicum component is also included in this course.

Code: NURS_CER09

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