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Adding/Dropping or Withdrawal from Courses

Adding & Dropping Courses

The registration period for continuing students for the Fall semester generally takes place in April and registration for the Spring semester and summer terms occur in November. Students will select their courses for the next semester once they are given an individual registration appointment by the Office of Records and Registration scheduled during the announced initial registration period. The registration appointment reflects the first time a student is eligible to register. Continuing students should register during the initial registration period in order to support the college’s enrollment management initiate. Students who fail to register during this initial registration period will be assessed a late registration fine. Undergraduate students follow a descending degree credit schedule resulting in seniors registering first, followed by juniors, etc. Students may make adjustments to their registration by dropping or adding a course only during the drop/add period. The add/drop period is anytime before the semester begins and during the first week of classes. The College’s electronic registration system PAWS should be used to make these registration changes.  For more information, visit

Course Withdrawal

Students may withdraw from a full semester course up to the ninth (9th) week of the semester. Students withdrawing from courses within the withdrawal period will automatically receive a grade of W, which has no effect on the student’s grade point average. It is the student’s responsibility to withdraw officially from a course. Failure to withdraw formally may result in failing grades and dismissal. Deadlines for these withdrawals are strictly adhered to. Specific dates are posted on the Records and Registration Calendar.

If you need to withdraw or take a leave of absence from The College of New Jersey, you must review the College Withdrawal Policy.  A college withdrawal means that you will not be returning to the College to take any courses.  A leave of absence means that you are taking one full semester without enrollment away from the College with the intent to return to the College.  Any undergraduate student who does not register for two consecutive regular academic semesters will be discontinued and will have to apply for re-entry to the College.

If you are withdrawing due to military activation, please review the Military Withdrawal Policy.

For more information regarding Records and Registration Leave of Absence policy, please visit:



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