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Advising Sessions

Advising Assignments

The School of Nursing, Health, and Exercise Science makes advising assignments prior to the beginning of the Fall term. Typically, unless the student changes their major, they will remain with the same faculty advisor for the duration of their studies within the School of Nursing, Health, and Exercise Science. To balance faculty advising loads, sometimes students are reassigned advisors. For unusual cases in where there is a personality “mismatch,” students can request an advisor reassignment from their department chairperson or program coordinator. Advising assignments are posted in students’ and faculty’s PAWS accounts.

Welcome Message

Faculty and students are encouraged to introduce themselves upon learning of their advising assignment. School of Nursing, Health, and Exercise Science faculty contact information is available on the TCNJ website directory and on the academic programs website. School of Nursing, Health, and Exercise Science department offices in Armstrong Hall 147 and 181 can assist students in locating a faculty member’s office. Faculty teaching schedules and office hours are posted by their office door.

Required Registration-Related Advising Sessions

Every term, weeks prior to the registration cycle for the subsequent semester, School of Nursing, Health, and Exercise Science students receive an advising hold that prevents them from processing registration related transactions. The Office of Records and Registration notifies students that an academic hold has been placed in their account. Upon receiving notification of the hold, students are to contact their advisor to set up a registration related advisement meeting. Advising holds will only be lifted following a formal in-person advising session in where the student and advisor agree upon course selection for the subsequent semester and record the course plan in an Advisor Course Approval Form.

The following topics are to be covered registration-related advisement sessions:

  • Academic Requirements
  • Report Review
  • Course History Review
  • Transfer Credit Report
  • Review Shopping Cart Selection

Developmental Advisement

Developmental advisement refers to advisement conversations that aid in the holistic development of a student, covering a span that can transcend the academic realm. This type of advisement can be incorporated during the mandatory registration-related advisement sessions or discussed at alternate times.

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