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The Clinical Nurse Leader MSN requires completion of 34.5 credits of graduate nursing courses.  The program includes 560 clinical practicum hours. The majority of these hours are in NURS 695 Practicum in the CNL Role.

Courses include:
NURS 506 Theory and Research for Advanced Nursing Practice
NURS 501 Perspectives in Advanced Nursing Practice
NURS 504 Advanced Human Pathophysiology
NURS 503 Pharmacology for Advanced Nursing Practice
NURS 511 Introduction to the Clinical Nurse Leader Role
NURS 604 Evidence-Based Nursing Practice
NURS 603 Individual, Family and Community Systems
NURS 633 Advanced Holistic Health Assessment
NURS 685 Health Promotion for Individuals, Families and Communities
NURS 660 Nursing Management of Chronic and Complex Conditions
NURS 694 Capstone Seminar
NURS 695 Practicum in the CNL Role
NURS 705 Capstone Project in Nursing