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Curriculum Plan: RN to BSN

The Nursing program at The College of New Jersey endorses “The New Jersey Articulation Model.” Thus, credits are awarded for transferable college-level nursing courses. To earn a degree from The College of New Jersey, a student must take at least 12 full course units (48 semester hours) at the College.

Maximum Units Taken in Transfer: The maximum number of credits taken in transfer from diploma schools of nursing will not exceed 7.5 course units (30 semester hours). The maximum number of courses taken in transfer from schools designated as community colleges or junior colleges will not exceed 16 course units (64 semester hours). The maximum number of courses transferred from all sources will not exceed 20 course units (80 semester hours).

Transfer Hours Conversion: For transferability, one-course unit equals four (4) semester hours. The College of New Jersey will transfer in courses based on this same formula, i.e., a three semester hour course will equal .75 course units.

RN students work with faculty advisers to develop individualized pathways for completing the program. Individualized pathways are based upon the amount of transfer credit and the number of courses the student takes in a given semester.

Required courses that RN students need to take include:

  • NUR 210 Prof. Role Development I – 1 course unit
  • NUR 310 Prof. Role Development II – 1 course unit
  • NUR 328 Research – 1 course unit
  • NUR 434 Professional Practice Across the Life Span – 1 course unit
  • NUR 440 Community/Science – 1 course unit
  • NUR 444 Community/Practice – 1 course unit
  • NUR 460 Prof. Role Development III– 1 course unit
  • STA 115 Statistics (may be transferred )

Total – 8-course units

The BSN at TCNJ requires the completion of 32 course units (128 credits). Beyond nursing and science foundation courses, students must satisfy The College of New Jersey’s Liberal Learning (general education) distribution. Nursing students generally meet this requirement by completing three courses from three areas of study (including history, the arts, and philosophy). Some of these courses may be accepted in transfer credit based on individual evaluation and approval of each course for which transfer credit is requested.


TCNJ's Department of Nursing is not accepting transfers into our four year traditional bachelor’s of science in nursing program at this time. We are accepting applications for the ABSN program for May 2025.Learn More