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Simulation and Clinical Experience – Lab Conduct/Behavior

Lab Conduct/Behavior 

  • Professional behavior, language, and attitude is expected at all times
  • Absolutely NO eating, drinking, or gum chewing at bedside or near mannequins. Students who have medical reasons to eat or drink should discuss this with the simulation staff prior to using the lab. If there is eating in the classroom area of Trenton Hall 009 and 019 it SHOULD NOT be anywhere near the skills/simulation area.  All trash should be placed in appropriate trash bins.
  • Store all personal belongings (backpacks, etc.) on tables in the front of Trenton Hall 009/019 or on the shelves/hooks provided in Forcina 111 or 103.
  • NO pens allowed; write only in pencil—pens leave permanent marks on the mannequins
  • Wear proper attire which includes the lab coat and name tag once this has been purchased. It is advised that footwear should be closed toe and not include flip flops or open toed shoes for safety reasons.
  • Cell phone reception in the lab is poor and may drain your battery—please turn off your phone in the lab. No cell phone use is permitted during testing and should be turned off since ringing distracts students who are being tested. At no time will cellular phones and/or tablets be used to record video or photography without the consent from the simulation center.
  • Equipment is not to be removed from the lab without permission
  • Never remove an IV Catheter from a mannequin unless instructed to do so
  • Never use Betadine or iodine on a mannequin
  • Never give oral medications or liquid to a mannequin
  • Use liquid soap or the mannequin lubricant in place of lubricants for any tube insertion on mannequins
  • Discard used items in appropriate disposal areas. All sharps are to be placed in sharps container.
  • Students are not to be alone in the lab—should always be with either a faculty member, staff member or senior nursing lab assistant
  • Students are responsible for leaving labs clean and as you found it prior to departing—includes practice times
  • No lab user shall infringe upon the privacy, rights, privileges, health, or safety of other labs users
  • Do not sit on bed! When beds are to be used by students assuming the role of the patient shoes must be removed.
  • Students may be dismissed from the lab area as a result of conduct that is unsafe, unethical, inappropriate or unprofessional
  • Students may be dismissed from the lab area for being unprepared by either the faculty member or the TCNJ-SIM staff.


All simulation scenario practice sessions involving students and/or recordings are considered confidential. All mannequin accessibility should be treated as real patient/client information using the following protocols:  Nursing Program privacy policy and HIPAA. Students are expected to uphold all requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and any other federal or state laws requiring confidentiality. Students should report any violations to the faculty or instructors.

The TCNJ-SIM should be treated as a clinical site. You are expected to show professionalism and treat the “client” and situation as you would in a real clinical setting.

 Class Cancellation

In the event of inclement weather, TCNJ may be closed. Please refer to TCNJ Student Handbook regarding emergency closures. Any make-up times will be arranged by the faculty and TCNJ-SIM staff.

Clean Up

  • The faculty and their students are accountable for cleaning up after lab use.
  • Please leave the lab the way in which it was found so that others may enjoy their lab experience. Leave the labs as a student would in clinical – safe, neat and ready to use for the next person.
  • Beds should be remade and left in the lowest position. Bed tables are to be placed near the foot of the bed with trash bin in place. Any basins, bedpans, urinals are to be washed, dried and put away in bedside tables. Be sure to turn off the lights.
  • Students are not to be left in the labs unattended.
  • Faculty should ensure that all labs are tidy and locked behind them. If any equipment is broken or supplies need to be restocked, please inform the TCNJ-SIM staff via email.
  • All sharps must be disposed of in a sharps container. If necessitated, task trainers and mannequins are to be cleaned with mild soap and water only. Rinse, drain and air dry. Injection pads should be squeezed to eliminate excess fluids.
  • Mannequins in the Lab are kept in the bed. Do not move these mannequins unless it is part of the skill assignment (i.e. lifting, moving, etc.). When cleaning up after using the lab, please make sure that mannequins are returned to the bed, beds are made, and all supplies are replaced and put away.
  • Please leave the beds in the lowest position.
  • If for some reason the linens are soiled, please put them in the hamper


  • Confidentiality—what happens in the lab stays in the lab—for both students and faculty
  • The lab is a place to learn—during simulation mistakes may be made—it is safe to make those mistakes since some of the best learning occurs during debriefing as discussion occurs around the thought process that caused the mistake. Learning to own the mistake is a professional responsibility and best modelled in simulation.
  • Medical emergencies should be handled by calling X2345 from a campus phone or 609-771-2345 from a cell phone—THE LAB IS NOT EQUIPPED TO HANDLE REAL EMERGENCIES. If you call 911 it will take longer but will also get a response.
  • Non-medical emergencies should be addressed to your clinical faculty member including accidental needle sticks, latex allergy reactions etc.
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