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Simulation and Clinical Experience – Overview

The mission of the Department of Nursing Clinical Skills and Simulation Center is to provide the most realistic practical learning experiences in a safe environment that is based on nursing knowledge, patient safety, evidenced–based practice and professionalism.  To prepare professional nurses who can:

  • Provide Patient-centered and family care
  • Work in Interdisciplinary Teams
  • Understand and provide safe care
  • Employ Evidenced-Based Practice
  • Apply Quality Improvement
  • Use Information Technology
  • Emphasize caring
  • Are enabled to think critically
  • Can use independent judgment
  • Showcase autonomous behaviors
  • Have enhanced clinical and ethical decision-making skills


Simulation Standards

The College of New Jersey Simulation Center (TCNJ-SIM) endeavors to follow the standards of best practice as established by the International Association of Clinical Simulation in Nursing (INACSL) (Kardong-Edgren, 2013, updated 2015).  These standards address terminology, the professional integrity of participant(s), participant objectives, facilitation, facilitator, the debriefing process, and participant assessment and evaluation.

Certification for TCNJ-SIM Staff and Faculty

The TCNJ-SIM supports the attainment of certification through the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSIH). These certifications include the Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator (CHSE), Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator-Advanced (CHSE-A), and Certified Healthcare Simulation Operations Specialist (CHSOS) (Society for Simulation in Healthcare, 2014b).


The TCNJ-SIM supports the accreditation standards provided by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSIH). The seven core standards include 1) Mission & Governance, 2) Organization & Management, 3) Facilities, Application & Technology, 4) Evaluation & Improvement, 5) Integrity, 6) Security, and 7) Expanding the Field (Society for Simulation in Healthcare, 2014a).






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