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Attendance Policies

It is the policy of the College of New Jersey that every student is expected to participate in each of his/her courses through regular attendance at lecture and laboratory sessions. It is further expected that every student will be present on time and prepared to participate when scheduled class sessions begin.

At the first meeting of a semester, instructors are expected to distribute in writing the attendance policies which apply to their courses. While attendance itself is not used as a criterion for academic evaluations, grading is frequently based on participation in class discussion, laboratory work, performance, studio practice, field experience or other activities which may take place during class sessions. If these areas for evaluation make class attendance essential, the student may be penalized for failure to perform satisfactorily in the required activities.

When a student must be absent from classes due to extended illness, a death in the family or similar genuine emergency, the student should inform the Dean of Student Life immediately so that appropriate notice can be provided to individual instructors. Students who must miss classes due to participation in a field trip, athletic or cultural event or other official college function should arrange with their instructors for such class absences well in advance. The Office of Academic Affairs will verify, upon request, the date of and participants in such college functions. In every instance, however, the student has responsibility to initiate arrangements for make up work.

* As recommended by the Academic Policies Committee, February 21, l986 and adopted the Board of Trustees, April 3, l986; to be effective September l, l986.


School of Nursing Student Attendance Policy

In addition to the above policies, the following are required:

  • Students are required to attend all nursing classes, clinical laboratory experiences and clinical agency assigned experiences.
  • Any student who fails to make up a clinical laboratory experience or clinical agency absence will receive an “unsatisfactory” nursing practice grade. An automatic failing grade for the entire practice nursing course will ensue.
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