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Clinical Site Assignment

Students are assigned to clinical sites by the NP Program Leader in collaboration with the Graduate Nursing Program Coordinator and the faculty.  A Clinical Site Coordinator is on staff to assist with location of suitable sites, sites communications, contracts and letters of agreement.  Student clinical experiences are tracked in the student clinical folder. Data in the folder is used to monitor the depth and breadth of the student clinical experience.

In keeping with the foci of our graduate programs, NP students are assigned primarily to sites providing primary care services.  A small percentage of clinical hours may be designated to selected specialty experiences appropriate to the student’s program.  Clinical Nurse Leader students are primarily assigned to clinical sites within acute health systems although there may be some suitable outpatient experiences assigned.  Clinical sites are selected and assigned based on students’ academic program focus and course requirements and prior clinical experiences. Students generally are not assigned a clinical rotation at their place of employment especially if there is a pre-existing professional or other relationship with the preceptor. While most clinical sites are located in central New Jersey, students should be prepared to travel to clinical sites throughout the state and into Eastern Pennsylvania.

Students who wish to complete some of their clinical hours with a preceptor or agency of their choosing must consult with the NP Program Leader about the suitability of the site.  If the NP Program Leader concurs that the student-selected site is appropriate the student must provide the NP Program Leader with the preceptor name and contact information (phone, fax, email), administrative contact person information (phone, fax, email) and the name, and address of the facility where the clinical hours would take place. No sites are considered that are more than 1 hour + 15 minutes from the TCNJ campus in Ewing, with distance being calculated with a standard mapping program such as Google Maps or Mapquest.

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