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Statistics Pre-Requisite for all MSN Students

All incoming graduate students must show evidence of successful completion of a course in basic statistics (Grade C or higher) within five (5) years prior to their matriculation into the MSN program or, for non-matriculated students, within five (5) years prior to taking NURS 506. The course should be equivalent to a once semester undergraduate level statistics course and should include, at a minimum, content on probability, hypothesis testing, normal distributions, sampling, and basic descriptive and inferential statistics.  Proof of completion must be presented to the graduate program coordinator and must include an official course description plus documentation of successful completion, official grade report, official college transcript, or a certificate from an approved equivalent non-academic course.  Courses must be approved by the graduate program coordinator. If you do not meet this requirement based on your prior undergraduate coursework, it is suggested that you acquire this approval prior to registering for any statistics course.

Note: Post-MSN Certificate students and School Nurse Non-Instructional and Instructional Certificate students are exempt from this requirement.