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Nursing Awards

Nursing students are eligible to be considered for awards which are granted to THE COLLEGE OF NEW JERSEY students. Sophomore and junior awards are presented in the Fall semester at the annual Awards Cermeony and welcome back reception. Senior and graduate awards are presented at Nursing graduation ceremony. Awards are generally given based on need, scholarship, service to the College and Department. The following awards are specifically designated for nursing majors. They are the:

  • Millicent X. Loeb Award The late Ms. Loeb was one of the pioneer School Nurses who led the struggle for the establishment of a baccalaureate nursing program at Trenton State College. The award was established and is still funded through the efforts of Bertha Schneenan Dorman and students enrolled in the initial School Nursing Program.
    Criteria – Awarded to a Junior student of Nursing who demonstrates academic abilities, leadership qualities and enthusiasm for nursing. Whenever possible, the recipients are from specified counties.
  • Nursing Alumni Award Criteria – Awarded to a basic (NUR A); and an RN (NUR B) student for outstanding leadership, enthusiasm and involvement in School, College, and professional, local, state and national nursing organization.
  • *Margaret Merritt Memorial Award Margaret Merritt was a graduate of Nursing Class of 1977 whose untimely death left her considerable potential contribution to Nursing unfulfilled. It is hoped that the student recipient of this award will continue to grow professionally and will make lasting contributions to the profession and his/her clients. The Margaret Merritt Memorial Award will be presented annually to a basic (NUR A) and an RN(NUR B) graduating senior for excellence in Clinical Nursing Practice while at THE COLLEGE OF NEW JERSEY. Criteria – The student:
    1. Utilizes theoretical knowledge as a basis for nursing practice.
    2. Demonstrates ability to establish and implement priorities of care.
    3. Is skillful in the application of the decision making process.
    4. Demonstrates professional behavior in the clinical area.
    5. Collaborates in a positive and productive manner with clients, peers, staff and faculty.
    6. Utilizes leadership qualities within the health care delivery system to provide well-managed nursing care.
    7. Consistently utilizes therapeutic communication.
    8. Utilizes time and material efficiently.
    9. Accepts and utilizes criticism as a basis for professional growth.
    10. Demonstrates safe and competent nursing practices.

    *NOTE: Initial fund for the award was donated by Margaret Merritt’s family.

  • Sigma Theta Tau: Delta Nu Chapter Award
    Criteria – Awarded to the graduating senior student(s) who has/have achieved the highest cumulative grade point average (C.G.P.A.) of the graduating class in the NURA and NURB programs.
  • Caring and Empowerment Award This award recognizes a junior nursing student who has empowered others in a humanistic and caring approach through the art and science of professional nursing.
  • Regina Sanchez-Porter Award This award for Excellence in Community Health Nursing was established by Nursing to honor and remember Dr. Regina Sanchez-Porter, an Associate Professor of Nursing who died on February 26, 1991. This award is presented to a nursing student who demonstrates a special interest in and commitment to community health.
  • U.S. Air Force Leadership Award Presented to a senior nursing student who has demonstrated leadership characteristics. Leadership, as defined by the US Air Force is “the art of influencing and directing people to accomplish assigned goals.”
  • Sophomore, Junior and Senior Recognition Awards Awarded to students who have demonstrated academic and clinical excellence in specified nursing courses.
  • Joan Kauffman Award This award for Excellence in Nursing was established by Nursing to honor and remember Prof. Joan Kauffman who died on May 17, 1993. This award is presented to a nursing student who demonstrates an outstanding achievement in the course, Holistic Nursing Interventions Across the Life Span.
  • SNA Leadership Awards Established by the SNA in 1998 to recognize a sophomore, junior, and senior nursing student for exemplary participation in the activities of SNA.



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